Visual Arts Pathway


The Visual Arts Pathway of AVPA focuses on the practices and processes of studio art and a commitment to experiential, hands-on art making. Students are exposed to a variety of techniques, ideas and materials to foster and expand their visual literacy.  All classes supplement studio practice with art history, cultural conventions, and various styles. Students are asked to investigate and analyze the meaning of art and to think creatively and critically about the world.

Available courses:Artwork by Natalie Flemming

  • Art 1, 2 and 3
  • AP Art
  • Drawing and Painting
  • Digital and Graphic Design
  • 21st Century Design
  • Clay 1, 2 and 3
  • Photo 1, 2 and 3
  • Animation 1 and 2
  • Web Design
  • Media Communication
  • Guerilla Art

More detailed information regarding these courses is available in our EHS Program of Studies.


AVPA Endorsement Requirements

Students are eligible to receive the Academy of Visual and Performing Arts endorsement from Essex High School after meeting the following requirements:

  • earn at least 3.0 credits of visual and performing arts courses
  • enrollment in the AVPA advisory
  • successful completion of the AVPA Internship Course, usually during junior year
  • successful completion of the AVPA Capstone Project during senior year
  • receive 30 points in experiential learning opportunity credits (ELO’s) such as field trips and masterclasses
    • AVPA Field Trip – 3 points
    • Guest Artist Workshop – 4 points
    • Pre-approved Experiential Learning opportunity