Interdisciplinary Pathway

Students can cater their AVPA experience to include any arrangement of visual and performing arts classes to meet their specific interest and earn the AVPA endorsement.  Regardless of pathway, igniting a student’s passion for learning through rich arts experiences remains the same.

Additionally, students have the flexibility to pair their arts experience with other interests beyond the visual and performing arts courses offered at EHS.  Some previous examples of students taking advantage of this include medical illustration (biology and anatomy with visual arts), baking and esthetic design (culinary studies with visual arts), marketing (graphic design with business), children’s book illustration (visual arts and English literature), photojournalism (photography and creative writing), entomology (science and visual art), and fashion design (textiles and visual art).  Students should contact their AVPA advisor to assist in facilitating bridging their interests.

Available arts courses:

  • Dance 1 & 2
  • Theater 1 & 2
  • Film 1
  • Improv
  • Art 1, 2 & 3
  • AP Art
  • Clay 1, 2 & 3
  • Photography 1 & 2
  • Movie Production 1 & 2
  • Media Communications
  • Computer Animation
  • Web Design
  • Drawing and Painting
  • Digital and Graphic Design
  • Special Topics:  Guerilla Arts
  • 21st Century Design
  • Chorus/Chamber Choir
  • Symphonic Band/Wind Ensemble
  • Orchestra
  • AP Music Theory
  • Jazz Band
  • Guitar 1 & 2
  • Piano 1 & 2
  • Music Technology     

More detailed information regarding these courses is available in our EHS Program of Studies.

AVPA Endorsement Requirements

Students are eligible to receive the Academy of Visual and Performing Arts endorsement from Essex High School after meeting the following requirements:

  • earn at least 3.0 credits of visual and performing arts courses
  • enrollment in the AVPA advisory
  • successful completion of the AVPA Internship Course, usually during junior year
  • successful completion of the AVPA Capstone Project during senior year
  • receive 30 points in experiential learning opportunity credits (ELO’s) such as field trips and masterclasses
    • AVPA Field Trip – 3 points
    • Guest Artist Workshop – 4 points
    • Pre-approved Experiential Learning opportunity