AVPA Endorsement Requirements


The Academy of Visual and Performing Arts (AVPA) is for students who wish to develop a passion for learning through exploration, creation and immersion in the arts.  In addition to a rigorous experience within EHS visual and performing arts courses, students receive intensive exposure to professional artists through an arts lecture series, hands-on workshops and field trips. The internship and capstone courses offer AVPA students immersion into relevant, real-world arts settings. Students who wish to obtain the AVPA endorsement may sign up at any time during their high school career.

Students interested in AVPA should enroll in a visual or performing arts course as soon as possible. These courses are: Art 1, Photo 1, Clay 1, Media Communications, Movie Production, Theater 1, Improv, Dance 1, Chorus, Symphonic Band, Orchestra or Film Appreciation. Visual and performing arts teachers can help you with course selection and provide recommendations within a certain area of focus.

2014-2015 AVPA Endorsement Requirements

Students are eligible to receive the Academy of Visual and Performing Arts endorsement from Essex High School after meeting the following requirements:

  • earn at least 3.0 credits of visual and performing arts courses
  • enrollment in the AVPA advisory
  • successful completion of the AVPA Internship Course, usually during junior year
  • successful completion of the AVPA Capstone Project during senior year
  • receive 30 points in experiential learning opportunity credits (ELO’s) such as field trips and masterclasses
    • AVPA Field Trip – 3 points
    • Guest Artist Workshop – 4 points
    • Pre-approved Experiential Learning opportunity