Experiential Learning Opportunity

To graduate with an AVPA stamp on your diploma you need to have a minimum of 30 Experiential Learning Opportunity  (ELO) points accumulated by the end of your senior year.  To get the points you need to participate in AVPA Field trips and Masterclass Workshops opportunities.

Points for different AVPA Opportunities:

  • AVPA Field trip- 3 Points
  • AVPA Masterclass Workshops- 4 points

If you can not attend the workshop and you have a excused absence (example: illness) you can make up the ELO points through another strand workshop or you can do a Pre-Approval ELO.  The amount of points you will receive for the pre-approval ELO varies depending on event/activity.

To get Pre-Approval for an Activity/Event you need to do the following:

  • Fill out and submit the AVPA Pre-Approval ELO Form to your AVPA Advisor.
  • You need to submit this form two weeks prior to your event/activity.
  • Once you are approved for the ELO points, and have attended the event/activity, you will need to provide documentation of being at the event/activity and complete a 1-2 page write up.  You will find the document with the questions to answer on this webpage.
  • Both the documentation and the write up need to be uploaded to your e-portfolio within two weeks of the end date of your event/activity.
  • Contact both your advisor and the Academy Leader when you have uploaded the documentation and the write up to your e-portfolio.

Click here for AVPA Pre-Approval ELO Form
Click here for Written Reflection for a Music Performance
Click here for  Written Reflection for a Theater Performance
Click here for  Written Reflection for an Art Exhibit

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